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LIVE.O2CM.COM is a hit with competitors and spectators!

To advertise your dance products on means a very directed advertisement to those involved in dance competition.

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What is

LIVE.O2CM.COM provides up to date information on the activities of a dance competition. Current event information, Events on deck, heat lists and personal scoresheets are constantly updated as the event progresses.

Other spectator friendly features include
(for select events):

  • Open Marking - Judges marks published in real-time.
  • Peoples Choice - Online voting for the audience.
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    Reaching the right people

    Advertisement on will be direct to your ballroom dance customers, while they are at an event and immersed in dance. Be seen by your most likely customers at the very moment they are involved in dance.

    You only pay for results

    You only pay when someone sees or clicks on your advertisement. Set your own budget, and as people interact with your advertisement, your balance is adjusted. Start with as little as $10 to start. As your advertisement is viewed, we deduct 1 cent from the balance. When your advertisement is clicked, 25 cents is deducted from your balance. When your balance gets low, an automatic reminder will be sent to re-fund your account.